European Adventures: Disneyland Paris

My husband and I celebrated our 4th anniversary in Disneyland Paris, and it was magical. With passports in hand, we crossed the border from Germany to France towards our next European adventure. Now it needs to be noted that France’s highways do not require vignettes but they do demand tolls to be paid. So save those euro coins, they will come in useful. We paid almost 30 Euros in tolls each way. The Michelin Route-planner is a great tool in calculating how much you will be paying in tolls and gas.

We stayed at the Aparthotel Adagio in Marne-la-Valeé which conveniently was less than 10 min from the park by bus and had a gorgeous mall across the street. The Val d’Europe mall was huge with 137 stores of a large variety. In the mornings we grabbed breakfast here and dinner in the evening to save money. The quality of the food was simply better in the mall compared to the one at the park, but more on that later.

The Adagio hotel provides a free shuttle to and from the park every 30 min, so there was no need for parking. Upon entering the park there will be a quick bag scan and then it’s off to the ticket counter. Now the great perk was that Disneyland was the military discount that can be applied with a valid military ID. Typically the price for the 2-day/2-parks ticket would be 300 Euros ($349.42) or 370 Euros ($430.95 ) for the 3-days/2-parks ticket. But with the discount 50% will be subtracted from the total, so our 2-day/2-parks ticket was only 150 Euros ($174.71).

Disneyland Busy Seasons

Disneyland Paris Busy Schedule

We used this chart to determine how busy the park would be and thankfully it was incredibly helpful to avoid large crowds.

The overall Disneyland Paris park consists of two parks: Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios

Day 1 was spent at the Disneyland park….  It was very surreal to see how exact the Disney princesses looked in comparison to their cartoon counterparts.



Disney Paris Castle


And on Day 2 we explored Walt Disney Studios, which was a lot more adult-friendly. While I loved the magical feel of Disneyland, the rides and attractions were definitely meant for a much younger crowd. The Studios however focused more on the film-making aspects and theater. And of course it also was host to the Pixar world which contained the themes of Toy Story, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo, Cars and much more. The most



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  1. I’ve got some of the best memories from Disneyland Paris. It is a magical place where you can spend some wonderful time and find your inner child. What a great way of spending your 4th anniversary! Many happy returns and more awesome trips!

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