Beautiful Home: My Go-To All-Natural Cleaning Products

When I was a kid, I always hated cleaning anything that required a cleaning product. Especially the kinds that had bleach in them. I would always arm myself with rubber gloves and a scarf to avoid the toxic fumes, and don’t get me started on how I would have to hold my breath. That kind of avoidance continued into my early adult life as well, causing my husband to have to clean the bathrooms because I couldn’t stomach the smell. And while I was pregnant it gave me the perfect excuse not to have to use such products since it wasn’t safe for the baby.

But after my son was born, I knew it couldn’t continue on like this. It wasn’t normal to avoid cleaning certain rooms just because I was hating the suffocating part so much. Thankfully I stumbled upon the YouTube channel of “Beauty & The Beastons” that I was introduced to the Method product line. Tiffani’s enthusiasm about the products caught my attention and then her mentioning that the products were all-natural was what truly sold me. However, due to living in Europe many online retailers would not ship the products to me. I stumbled upon three select products at a local drugstore “DM”. The scent selection of the products was very limited: a Kitchen Cleaning Spray in clementine, Dish Soap in lemon-mint, and a All-Purpose cleaner in lavender.

MNL Method Review

A few days later I put on gloves and gave each item a try, starting with the lemon-mint dish soap. I was very surprised that not only did the soap smell amazing but with only one pump it really cleaned the dishes well. Then the Kitchen Cleaner was next, I was fully prepared to hold my breath while cleaning the counters but thankfully it never came to that. The clementine scent was very natural and not even remotely overwhelming, leaving my kitchen counters shiny and the overall room smelling incredible. Next up was the lavender All-Purpose cleaner, I tried a small amount to wipe down my vanity table and again the same thing: the caked on makeup came right off leaving behind a clean surface and a fragrant lavender scent. No amount of words can describe how thrilled and excited I was about something as simple and silly as cleaning products.

Of course I researched what else Method has to offer and there is a very large variety of products ranging from laundry detergent, floor cleaners, shower sprays, glass cleaners and so much more. It took a while but thankfully I discovered that sells and ships Method products overseas where I ordered the Tub & Tile bathroom cleaner in Eucalyptus Mint and the Glass Cleaner in Mint. It should be noted that there is a cleaner in almost any scent imaginable: Spearmint, Pink Grapefruit, Almond, Ylang Ylang, Waterfall, Cucumber, Lime + Sea Salt, Honeycrisp Apple and so so many more.

MNL - Method Stock Photo

So far none of the products have let me down and they really get the job done. Honestly, I can say that I enjoy cleaning more. And who doesn’t love a clean home that smells like heaven and sparkles?

What products do you use and love?


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