Family Traditions: Advent Calendars for Every Type

One tradition that I always followed growing up was counting down to Christmas with an advent calendar. It was such fun waking up every morning wondering what might be behind that little door that day  When I got married, my husband and I agreed that such a tradition should be continued in our own household. And now that we have kids it’s that much more important, even though our 2-year old is still young he is very eager to see what surprise awaits him each morning. However, I had a hard time picking out the right advent calendar for each of the members in my family. And so after doing quite a bit of research, here’s what I found:

Candy Advent Calendars:

Adventcalendar MMHaribo advent calendar

Advent Calendars for Pets:


Beauty Advent Calendars:


adventcalendar ultaAdventcalendar - Sephora

Home & DIY Calendars:


Adventcalendar - Yankee CandleAdventcalendar - DIYDIY Calendar

Toy Advent Calendars:

Adventcalendar - LegoAdventcalendar - VTech


What calendars are you using to countdown to the most wonderful time of the year?


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