Tech & Gadgets: My 10 Favorite Apps

Let’s face it: We are so helpless without our phones. I keep all of my appointments, meetings,errands,grocery lists, and so much more stored on my phone that would be impossible to remember unless I carry a kazillion lists with me. Although, I keep all of my events on the calendar on my phone, I have a planner as a hardcopy backup with the same information in case my phone loses the information. This has already happened once: my husband accidentally deleted my entire calendar of my computer. It was awful and my memory was terrible. So to avoid all that again, I keep my planner on my as back up but I still can’t live without my phone. So, here are 10 favorite/most useful apps on my iPhone:

  1. Cozi

    Honestly, Cozi is such a must if you are a busy parent that also needs to manage a household. This app can be downloaded onto the phone/tablet by anyone in your family through a shared password. So with the free version everyone in your household can at all times have access to a shared calendar (Mom, Dad, kids, and even pets), a combined grocery list (so no more having to remind your partner what to buy), save recipes, as a to-do list and access to free planning printables. The Gold Version, which costs $29.99 a year, includes a contact list, birthday reminders and a month view calendar. and the grocery mode.

  2. My Fitness Pal/ Map my Walk

    In the past few months My Fitness Pal has become one of my favorite apps to use, it let’s you set a daily calorie goal and will alert you if you’re over your daily limit. Living in Germany, I have access to both German and American grocery items which was getting hard to track. But with My Fitness Pal you can just scan the barcode and it will bring up the item, regardless of what country you’re in. It will also alert you if your food is over the daily sugar/carb/fat goal for the day. Now Map My Walk, both apps were developed by Under Armour, does just what the title states: It maps your walk. Along with the calories burned, distance per mile, pace and average pace per mile. The neat part is that it automatically transfers the calories over to My Fitness Pal.

  3. TripAdvisor

    Living in Europe, even the smallest day trips are an adventure. TripAdvisor helps me discover things to do in the area and where to eat. The app also has features to show hotels, vacation rentals and even assists in booking flights. Other users can leave their reviews of anything they’ve experienced which helps you get an idea what excursions and restaurants are worth your time.

  4. Mint

    Oh, Mint, it has totally saved my life. Speaking in a financial manner, of course. This lovely app let’s you keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards, investments, and loans all on one page. Which creates quite a lot of oversight on where you stand financially. I can create a monthly budget to ensure I’m not going over my monthly coffee budget. Ha! It even gives you a quick overview of your credit score (Important!). And you can enter your bills for reminders. Mint is an absolute must!

  5. Headspace

    If you are looking to start off your morning with a clearer mind, then Headspace is perfect for you. It literally takes just 10 min of guided meditation, and the app voice-guides you through the entire process. This app is perfect for people looking to try out meditation but feel lost as to how to start.

  6. Audible

    This is one of my all-time favorite apps, and another absolute must for busy moms. Between work and raising a tiny human, I don’t have the time to read books like I used to unless I forfeit sleep. With Audible, I am able to listen to books while I am driving, working out, cleaning, or even as I am writing this blog post. Audible, a sub company of Amazon, is a membership-based service where you pay $14.95 for the Gold subscription that allows 1 credit. Or $22.95 for the Platinum subscription that will give you 2 credits. The credits can be redeemed for any book in their collection.

  7. 5k Runner

    Also known as “Couch Potato to 5K”, this app is a great starter for people looking to get into running or building up stamina. One session is 30 min and switches between one minute of running to every two minutes of walking in intervals building up to a more consistent pace the more you run.

  8. Ebates

    Ebates is amazing because you use the app to get cash back for purchases at your favorite online stores. The percentage of cash back varies from store to store, but during major holidays these do increase.

  9. Parceltrack

    The beauty of Parceltrack is that you can place all of the tracking codes to each of your purchases on one convenient page to create some oversight. The neat part is that it tracks delivery services from across the globe. Since I order from both American and German online shops, this is incredibly useful to track what packages come in when.

  10. Acorns

    If you are looking to get into investing, Acorns is a great starter. The amazing part is that you don’t even notice it happening. This app takes small amounts of chump change out of your account and adds it to your investment account. It’s very simple: Order your usual Starbucks coffee for let’s say $5.50, the .50 cent leftover would go into your Acorns account. It’s hardly noticeable if that small amount is missing, but it accumulates at a decent rate without causing you to go broke.




What are your must-have apps? Leave a comment below.

**None of these are ads, simply my own personal opinions and preferences.

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4 Comments on “Tech & Gadgets: My 10 Favorite Apps

  1. Wow, I use Tripadvisor for my travels 🙂 But the other apps you have listed here will surely make a big difference in my busy sched as well even when having a grown up kid. 🙂

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