Be Our Guest: Rachel from Blondes Eat Clean

In the “Be Our Guest” series, I will be featuring new bloggers, their amazing websites and the fabulous information they have to share. Today the spotlight is on Rachel from “Blondes Eat Clean” sharing her Green Smoothie recipe that will definitely be added to my breakfast ideas when I am rushing out the door but still need something healthy.

Be sure to check out her website and Facebook Page.



Hey guys!

I’m Rachel and I started my blog almost FOUR years ago with two (blonde!) friends who are health coaches. About a year ago we parted ways when they started an amazing mail order smoothie business (I HAVE to share more about that with you another time!).

I could have just stopped things right then with BEC but I had learned so much from my friends and our readers, it seemed, kept wanting more as well. I decided to continue researching clean recipes, healthy habits, awesome products, and easy, everyday tips.

And here we are! BEC is NOT JUST FOR BLONDES. The three founders are all blondes and the name just sort of happened BUT my blog is for everyone! I encourage you to check it out as it is always changing.

However, one staple in my life that remains the same is starting the day with our BEC Green Smoothie. I learned the original recipe from my former partners but have tweaked it over the years. I’m sharing with you the one I currently make EVERY SINGLE MORNING and split with my one and a half year old little boy.

Y’all, it is like candy! Seriously, make it once and you will be hooked. One tip I have is always keep all the ingredients on hand. The more prepared you are each morning the less likely you are to stop for Starbucks or something processed.

Get in the habit of buying bananas when you don’t need them and let them get SUPER ripe (re: brown) before peeling, halving and throwing in a large zip lock and keeping in the freezer.

Any add ins you want to use, make part of your subscribe and save items on Amazon. Duh, you’ll be saving money but also these babies will show up each month without you even having to think about it! (Some of my subscribe and save items for my smoothie are maca, raw cacao, and camu camu powder).

Ok so here it is, the current rendition of the BEC Green Smoothie.

2 huge handfuls of spinach (or any green you like)
1 half of a frozen banana
1 cup of nut milk (I prefer unsweetened almond or coconut)
2 pitted dates
1 (big) tablespoon nut butter (I love Maranatha Coconut Almond Butter)
1 tablespoon Maca powder
1 tablespoon Camu Camu powder
1 (big) tablespoon raw cacao nibs
1 splash of raw Apple Cider Vinegar (promise, you can’t taste it)
A dash of cinnamon

Throw everything into a high power blender (I LOVE MY VITAMIX #notanad)
Sip with a glass straw (because sustainability and ew plastic!) and feel yourself getting healthier by the second!
This smoothie is a meal replacement for me. I have it for breakfast every day so I like using full fat butter and milk, etc. I am not a PB2 girl. Feel free to play with ingredients though! Sometimes I add lacuma powder, sometimes I will throw in frozen berries or fruit I need to use up, there are no rules. Please try to use all organic ingredients when you can!

Thanks for letting me share a little about me. Follow me on insta @blondeseatclean, Facebook Blondes Eat Clean and on my blog



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