Be Our Guest: Elwynn + Cass – Beauty Concierge Service

Our second guest is Katelyn McCullough, she is the co-founder of Elwyn + Cass, which is a luxury beauty planning company. I am excited to hear all about this one since I am always on-board for anything that makes beauty planning easier. But I will let her tell you more.

You can find more info on this beauty concierge service at And Katelyn can be contacted at

Elwynn + Cass
Beauty Concierge Service/Luxury Beauty Planning

Have you ever had to get ready for an event and searched for someone to do your hair and makeup? Did you find it stressful? If you did, I’ve been there too babe. Trying to figure out whom to go to can be a real pain, and takes up a lot of time just trying to schedule everything. I’ve been through the same process, and all that stress and guesswork is exactly the reason I started Elwynn + Cass.

Elwynn + Cass is beauty concierge service that focuses on bringing a personalized experience to the beauty aspect in getting ready for events. We focus on luxury beauty planning for all types of events, handling the stress, guesswork and organization in figuring out who to go to for hair, makeup, nails, etc.

The whole premise for the business came from personal experience, as my mother (my co-founder) and I found that there was a lot of time involved in trying to figure out whom to go to, in getting ready for special events. Even after much research, we still didn’t know if the person we chose was going to do a good job, and unfortunately had enough experiences where they didn’t. We just thought that it would be great to be able to go to someone who could handle all of that for us: the scheduling, matching artists suited to our needs, timelines, billing, etc. If we could just contact the person and they do all the work, which would be ideal. So that’s exactly what we did. We created a service that could make life a lot easier and a lot more fun.

Our passion for the business comes from personal experience and making sure that everyone has a personalized experience that is completely their own. We wanted to feel like more than just a number, so we strive to make sure that everyone is treated like an individual and every event is customized to the client, down to the artists themselves.

Quick Facts:

Where to find us:
We are based in SoCal personally, but work with clients all over the nation and world, so there is really no limit to where we can help set up beauty services for clients!

What to expect:
When you work with us, all you should expect is a stress-free and seamless experience completely personalized to your needs. We handle all of the planning, organizing, etc. that comes with the beauty services for your event, so literally all you need to do is come to us and tell us what you are looking for and we handle the rest.

How you can stay in touch:

Instagram: @elwynnandcass
Facebook: @elwynnandcass
Pinterest: @elwynnandcass

Cannot wait to connect!




Elwynn + Cass clients include:

Stagecoach Music Festival, NYDJ, Nordstrom, Foray Collective, Kaitlynn Carter, Sophie Elkus, Bridal Bazaar, and more.

Features include:
Wedding ChicksPacific SD MagazineVoyageLA Magazine , Aisle Society , The Perfect PaletteSouthern California Bride Blog, and more.


Candid Headshot


wolf feather honey sneak peek-7
Photography: Jenna Joseph (Jenna Photo)
NYDJ National Fit Tour
Photo: Dewey Nicks

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