Beauty Habits: My Morning Routine

My average morning typically starts at 05:00 or 06:00 in the morning, My son is still asleep for at least another hour, so I have some time for just me which is so incredibly important. The first step is to wash all the grogginess from my face with a nice cleansing gel, preferably in a citrus scent for that added ease of waking up. Before I move to apply the skincare products for the day, I always use an ice roller on my face to depuff my face and remove those pesky bags from under my eyes. I am so used to doing this that I get pretty much irritable if I miss this step because I instantly notice the bloat in my face anytime I look in a mirror throughout the day. So ice rolling is crucial for me to start my day off right. After a good solid 5-10 minutes of cooling my face, I move on to applying skincare products. Sometimes I will even slap on a facemark if my skin needs it and I have the time for it. I am especially loving the Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer which even has SPF 15 in it (Key to looking young forever!) To remove the final remnants of my sleepiness I pour my first cup of coffee and go on to check my emails and catch up on social media. I sometimes even like to pretend I am great at being an adult and will have the news channel on the TV as well.

Morning Routine Coffee .jpg

By now my toddler should be awake, so I make him some breakfast which typically consists of: scrambled eggs, whole wheat toast, cucumber slices and blueberries. And a smoothie and infused water for myself since I really can’t eat that early, it tends to make me feel sick for whatever reason. While he munches away on his breakfast, I start looking over my schedule and tasks for the day to ensure I am not missing anything important.

My Morning Routine food.jpg

Once breakfast is done, I begin to get myself ready while he is still clumsily brushing his teeth and then hair. (It’s a cute work in progress ha!) And when he is ready, we are off to his daycare. For him to get a chance to play and interact while mom will try to stick to her New Years resolutions. He truly loves that daycare, but more for the abundance of toys than the other kids there. Depending on the weather I will either go to the gym to get on the treadmill or walk on the track around the gym. It’s actually super relaxing if you have noise-cancelling headphones and some great music, especially if you are feeling stressed or even suffering from writers block like I have been. Once I get back I usually am starving and one of my favorite go-to meals have lately been either eggs and avocado on toast, or salmon on rye crispbread. And as I finish my morning and prepare to go to work, I pour myself a large second cup of coffee. Because coffee is life!

What does your morning routine look like?


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