Shape Up Diary: My 2018 Weightloss Journey – Week 1

So 2017 wasn’t exactly my year, next to coping with postpartum depression I also gained quite a bit of weight which significantly impacted my overall health and self-confidence. But despite all I had to deal with, I am more determined than ever to make 2018 my year and to get my body back. While I was looking up new recipes on Pinterest, it got me thinking: why not share this journey to encourage others to pursue their best self? I for one, always love reading other people’s weight-loss journeys since it inspires me when I am feeling completely unmotivated. As of right now, I have 45lbs to lose which seems to me like this huge amount since just 5lbs is already a significant amount. 

So how did my first week go? Well, I upped my water intake and swapped out all types of soda for tea and infused water. Breakfasts of course still have coffee, I just can’t give that up, not sure if I ever can. I love my coffee too much! I try to eat more oatmeal or eggs for breakfasts, and on days I was short on time or had energy there would be a smoothie instead. Then the amount of veggies during dinner time was doubled. I haven’t been able to replace the carbs we eat for meals since we do love them in this house. And of course in the middle of week my husband brought home a pretty bad cold that affected both of us, thankfully our toddler was unaffected by this whole sickness. So since both of us were under the weather, we ordered takeout since neither had the strength to cook.

Weight Loss Week 1

As for exercise, I went for a run on Monday and realized that it will definitely take some time to get used to again. My lungs were on fire and legs felt like lead. On days I didn’t feel like running I made sure to walk at least a mile at a brisk pace, which turned out to be very therapeutic with the right music and headphones.

Overall, I feel like week 1 was a bit of a bust and I could have done a lot better. But on the bright side I have definitely increased how much water I am drinking now, so that is a win.  I am confident that this upcoming week will be much better since we are all feeling much better and I even found a few new recipes that I am excited to try out.

This weeks weight-loss: -1.5lbs

Total: -1.5lbs


If you are pursuing the same goal, what has worked for you to achieve it?

Till next week!

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2 Comments on “Shape Up Diary: My 2018 Weightloss Journey – Week 1

  1. I am in pretty much exactly the same place you are! Thank you for sharing. It’s so nice to not feel alone in this. And I wish you success with this journey!

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