Shape Up Diary: My 2018 Weightloss Journey – Week 2

I apologize for the delay in this post, it has been a tumultuous week.

Week 2 went a lot better than its predecessor, I ate a lot healthier and maintained my newly increased water intake. I wish I had increased that amount ages ago since I have so much energy now. My breakfasts mostly consisted of steel cut oats with different types of fruits as toppings and sweetened with honey, and on days I really did not want oats I substituted with a smoothie that contained oats to keep me full longer. Lunches were a bit embarrassing this week, I was so busy that it mostly consisted of granola bars or snack packs. But also due to a more filling breakfast I was not very hungry either. Dinners were more interesting with the newfound Pinterest recipes, such as “chicken in lettuce wraps”  or “sesame chicken bowls”. My husband and I even swapped out our Saturday night takeout for cooking at home, which doubled as a great bonding moment in our marriage.

I continued to increase the distance during my walks by using the “Map My Walk” app which moved the amount of burned calories over to the “MyFitnessPal” app. I also attended two yoga classes, which were a bit hard to keep up with. I had such a hard time “relaxing into the pose” as my yoga instructor suggested. But hopefully that will get better with time? What are your tips for yoga class? I am hoping to tackle a spin class next to see if that is more up my alley.


shape up week 2 picture .JPG

Overall I am very proud of my results and accomplishments since I am still trying to figure out this whole healthier lifestyle. It’s not as easy as Pinterest made it out to be.

This weeks weightloss: -4.5 lbs

Total: -6 lbs


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