Mommy Files: Saving Major Money on Squeeze Pouches

The biggest thing I’ve learned when it comes to parenting is that: kids are super expensive. And I’m always on the hunt to save money on every day items, so today’s item we can save on is squeeze pouches.

My son absolutely loves them, and who honestly doesn’t? They are pretty refreshing and yummy. But at Lidl a pack of 4 “Apple and Banana” pouches is already almost 3 Euro (about $3.50) this adds up quickly since they are one of his favorite snacks. Plus, you can’t beat the conveniency since they are perfect for on-the-go and how they are pretty much mess-free. So I found a device that lets you make them in bulk for pretty cheap.


The Infantino Squeeze Station ($34.83) can make up to 3 pouches at a time and while granted you still have to fill them yourself, the device itself helps a lot. Out of a 48 oz Mott’s Unsweetened Applesauce ($4.00)  I was able to get 10 squeeze packs out of. So I already doubled the amount I would get out of a store-ready 4 pack. Now you can fill them with almost everything, I have tried smoothies and pureed foods and as mentioned above a store-bought bottle of applesauce goes a long way.


The beauty is that you can reorder pouches as you need them here. Each box of pouches includes 50 pouches and lids for only $16.89. And you can store the finished snack packs inside your refrigerator inside this super cute bin.



So what are your money-saving tricks?


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